31 MAY

Spring Festivals :

The grandest festival that every single Tibetan celebrates no matter where ever they are. People in their rich dresses, with Droso-chema in their hands, visit their relatives and friends and exchange greetings also visit monastery to pay their respects to the Buddha. In the following few days Tibetans sing and dance, drink Chang (Tibetan wines) together with family and friends. They Celebrate Losar by dancing, singing, lots of good food, prays and family gatherings..

16 SEP

Summer Festivals:

Enlightenment day :
It is the Sakyamuni’s Enlightenment day, Lots of Buddhist Pilgrims come Sakyamuni’s s to Lhasa and Kailash for kora, Saga Dawa last for one month and during this time we believe any of your deeds will multiply so Tibetans will chanting prays, prayer turning, Cham dancing and other religious activities dominate the festival.Many people refrain from killing animals and give out alms to beggars. .

Chokor Duchen :
The fourth day of the sixth lunar month celebrates Buddha’s f first sermon near Varanasi in India. In Tibet this festival last for a month and during this festival many Pilgrims visit Mt Kailash and many climb the peak behind Drepung Monastery and also the ridge from Parbonka to the Dode Valley. .

Shoton Yogurt Festival :
A special festival starts with the dramatic unveiling of a huge Thangkha at the mountain next to Drepung Monastery in Lhasa and there is also Tibetan Operas performing at the Norbulingka Palace ground. During this festival Tibetans eat lot of Yogurt with rice , have picnics for days in the Norbulingka park..

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Autumn Festivals:

Lhapab Duchen :
On the 22nd day of lunar month Tibetans celebrates in remembrance and honoring Buddha Shakyamuni’s descent from the heaven back to the earth . Many Tibetans visits monasteries, especially Nyechong. Pilgrims paint Ladders on rocks around the monasteries to symbolise the event..

Bathing Festival :
During this festival there is the appearance of the constellation Pleiades in the night sky .This last a week and Tibetans go to rivers, lakes and hot springs to wash away the grime of the previous year as they believe that during this time the water becomes holy medicine and it washes away all decease and bad lucks..

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22 OCT

Winter Festivels :

Palden Lhamo :
This festival is to honor a wrathful deity Shri Devi, only this day you can see her face and the rest of the year her face is covered.On the festival day in Barkhor Street in Lhasa, people parade a float of her and also carry figures of the goddess. Barkhor Street may be the best place to watch the festivities because there are traditional buildings there..

Farmer's New Year :
Tibetan farmers own new year is celebrate before the Tibetan lunar new year. In the countryside the farmers will be dancing and singing around their fields to celebrate their harvest of the the coming year..

Year End :
The last two days of the old year is called Guthuk in Tibet. People begin to prepare for the new year, like cleaning their houses and preparing food. They eat a soup called Guthuk at the night on December 29 in Tibetan calendar and then hold a ceremony of exorcising Ghost. They also visit monasteries as they will perform spectacular chams dances..

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