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Private Tours

Tibet Mountra Outdoors with authentic Tibetan experiences that Tibet has to offer, over the years, we have build our local expertise by operating more than 1000 visitors every year, and all our private Tibet tours are result of practical work experiences and different suggestions from our previous clients, so our private Tibet tours cover almost whole ranges of Tibet travel experiences for various duration. We are very confident that with us you can achieve the best of your Tibet tours that meet your requirement, your can also fill our Tailor-made Tour Form and our local Tibet travel expert team will customize a Tibet tours right for you or your family.

Cultural Tours

Tibet has a very unique culture be it be the relationship between families, living style and faith and believes. We will arrange cultural tour where you will see and experience all the customs, language, religion, cuisine, social habits and arts. The highlights of these itineraries are the most beautiful landscapes, monasteries, places where Tibet’s civilization started, rural villages and nomads life and the local people.

Pilgrimage and Retreat tours :

Tibet is one of the most famous Buddhist pilgrimage site and to retreat, also a unique tourist destination on Earth best owed by its snow mountains beauty, landscapes, enthralling culture and historic sites. We have hundreds of monastery and holy mountains and places where you can practice your faith and retreats.

Motor Bike & Cycling Tours

These motorcycle and cycling tours provide customers with the chance to see and discover the country as it was meant to be seen. You get the opportunity to take a quick scenic view of places all around and provide superb options. You will have a close scenic view of landscapes around, and this is simply not possible in case of other tours.

Trekking and Photography Tours :

Trekking rounds the most mysterious and beautiful landscape is a golden opportunity to explore and capture unique photos with our own camera in Tibet. There are endless grasslands, mountains shoulders to shoulders, magical lakes, and sacred monasteries, wondering round the most characteristic markets and meeting warm hearted people.

Climbing Expedition :

We offer a range of tour packages that suit different climber’s skills, experiences, and demands. Our tours are designed for both beginners and experienced climbers who want to take a break from the busy city life and want to come closer to the nature.