Motor Bike Tours

Imagine cycling / riding motor bike on the roof of the world!!!! Meeting local people and visiting their homes and eating with them. Stopping anywhere you want and taking breath taking photos of Tibet’s most beautiful scenarios. It will be an opportunity to be in the nature and experiencing a life time unforgettable tour. The vast nature with mountains and snow mountains, colorful villages and friendly local people who will welcome you to their house for meals, grand glaciers, rivers and lakes ,lush forest, bright blue sky.

Before Tibet had the reputation as being one of the world’s more challenging cycling / motor bike destination but now the roads are mostly tarmac and is becoming a cycling destination because of the breath taking scenarios and landscapes. We are very flexible, you can cycle sometimes and the other times we can travel by car or you can choose when to cycle by taking advice from the guide regarding with the weather, road and situation.
Let cycle / ride a motor bike on the top of the world!!! How can anyone miss this opportunity? Come on Have a Ride With Us :)