Frequently Asked Questions

People often asks us about how to get permit to travel Tibet? What clothes to bring and which medicines should they bring? Well i am always happy to help so if you can't find the answerthat you are looking for then please contact us by email and we will get back to you soon as possible. Often there are some changes regarding with the entry permit so the best way is to ask for confirmation. Hope the following informations is helpful.

How to get the Travel Permit?

Tibet Entry Permit: issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Documents needed for permit:

  • A copy of your Passport,

  • A copy of your China visa (tourist visa);

  • Full names,

  • Gender,

  • Date of Birth,

  • Passport number,

  • Nationality,

  • Occupation.

Alien’s Travel Permit: issued by Public Security Bureau. only needed when you travel to some unopened areas in Tibet. Military Allowance: issued by military office in Lhasa. Needed if you want to travel to some remote and military sensitive areas.

What Medicines to bring?

It is important to take your doctors advice and if you are taking any medicine then bring enough as here you might not fing the same brand.
Bring your favourite head ache medicine,
Multivitamins – for long trips
Paracetamol (acetaminophen in the USA) – for pain or fever
Prochlorperazine or metaclopramide – for nausea and vomiting
Rehydration mixture – to prevent dehydration.

What clothes to bring?

In general it depends on which part of Tibet you are travelling, most part of Tibet has cold weather at night and early morning and hot during day time. It also depends on your choice of activities like climbing, trekking, camping, cycling and etc.
On the basis of weather , summer (April to september) is quite warm and winter (October to March) is cold and dry.During spring and autumn you need to be prepared for all seasons. However, a jacket and a sweater are advised throughout the year as the weather may unexpectedly change at any time and a comfortable walking shoes. The recommended items are:

  • Water purification tablets,

  • Flashlight,

  • Sleeping bag,

  • Comfortable walking shoes,

  • Dust masks, utility knife,

  • Sun hat, sun glasses,

  • Suntan lotion,

  • A sweater,

  • Jacket,

  • Trekking pants.

Cash and Cash Machine

Most part of Tibet you will find Banks and Cash Machine,even in village there are banks so no need of carrying too much money with you. It is also not safe to carry too much money with you.

Tips to avoid AMS- high altitude sickness

  • Do light exercises before coming to Tibet, like going for walk, jogging.

  • Avoid catching a cold before you enter to Tibet.

  • It is important to have a good sleep the night before you flying to Lhasa.

  • First day in Tibet take things easy,rest,not to take bath,no alcohol,no smoking,not to sleep early

  • Prepare some AMS pills according to your doctor's advice.