Arrive in Lhasa (3650m altitude)

(Distance from airport to Lhasa city is 57 km. Approximate driving time, 1 hour).You will be received at the airport by your guide and driver and transferred to your hotel. After settling in, you will discover the lively atmosphere at the center of Lhasa Barkhor, which is a sacred pathway encircling the Jokhang, the holiest temple in Tibet. Here pilgrims from all parts of Tibet, shopping streets.Overnight at hotel.


Morning visit of the Jokhang Temple, which was build in the 7th century by the first religious King Songtsen Gampo and contains the holiest statue in Tibet, that of Jowo Sakyamuni, a representation of the Buddha at age twelve. After this visit the Ani Tsamkhung Nunnery, a lovely place where you take your lunch. This is also an opportunity to meet and sit amongst local residents. In the afternoon, you will visit Sera Monastery, one of the three great monasteries of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. In one of their large shaded courtyards, you will have the chance to see lively philosophical debates by resident monks that never fail to surprise visitors. Overnight at hotel.


Morning tour of the impressive Potala Palace. This thirteen level building has two parts - one of the White Palace, which was once the seat of government and Winter residence of the Dalai Lamas; and the Red Palace, where stands the temples, stupas and tombs of the past Dalai Lamas. In the afternoon, you join the procession of pilgrims and discover the rock carvings on Mount Sangye at Tonggu Chakpori. This site brings together more than five thousand sacred carvings, forming the largest collection of its kind in Tibet. You will then you visit Norbulingka – ‘Jewel of the Park,’ which was the previous summer palace and residence of the Dalai Lamas. This is one of the nicest places in Lhasa in which to walk amongst the trees, ponds, palaces and pavilions. Overnight at hotel.

Lhasa- Yangpachen

From Lhasa we will drive to Yangpachen and where we can enjoy hot spring and rest for the night here in comfortable hotel.

Yangpachen - Naroko - Metok (4950m)

Yangpachen we head to Naroko where a team of village yak-men awaits you to continue your expedition From Naroko you start an unprecedented trek up the trail of the glacial river, surrounded by the massive 1000 Buddhas massif.

Metok - Bila (5100m), the base camp of Milam Tse

Here you will continue to trek up past the 1000 Buddhas massif and then suddenly the valley opens and the first glacial peaks are revealed below. You arrive at the junction of glacial valleys and Chapo Bouchen where you will set camp at a place called Bila. You are at the center of an impressive amphitheater of glacial peaks over 6,000 meters.

Ascent of Milam Tse (6162m)

Early in the morning, you start the ascent of Milam Tse. A little more than 5 hours of climbing allows you to reach the top. Only at the last 200 meters you may have difficulty with oscillating between a 35-40° slopes. The descent is easily done in 2.5 hours. You will then return back to camp late morning for a well deserved rest.
We keep a safe margin of time, so as to maximize the chances of success of the summit in case of bad weather.

Bila - Goring La (5800m) - Nyemo (5000m)

A new beautiful and great day waits. You leave the camp early this morning for the long climb to the Goring-La pass a key passage of the trek. You will need 3.5 hours of climbing to reach the snow. Then 1 hour on the glacier, with a very gradual slope that does not require the use of crampons. You will reach the sacred Goring-La (5800m) pass, whose name means ‘the long door,’ representing the natural border between Central and Northern Tibet, also known Changtang. This mythical passage is ​​the single point of natural weakness in the chain of the colossal Nyenchen Tanglha mountain. The view here and contrast is beautiful between the alpine terrain of Central Tibet and quiet immensity of Changtang plateau. There is a possibility of tracing the ridge for a first glimpse of the distant and sacred Namtso Lake. This is a superb descent to camp Nyemo, which you reach at end of afternoon.

Nyemo - Nyepo (4900m)

On this day you move forward step by step in the vast plateau of Changtang towards Namtso Lake. The views and turquoise colored sky are endless. You can also enjoy the Nomadic tents and camps of Nyepo.

Arrive Lhasa

The vehicles will then join the camp and take you to the sacred Namtso Lake, which is a wild and uncrowded destination. Namtso Lake is the largest lake in Central Tibet, its size and location, opposes the mountain range of Nyenchen Tanglha making it one of the most striking natural attractions of Tibet. On this day we visit the only monastery on the north shore, facing the huge north face of Nyenchen Tanglha. We camp by the lake in a vast open and natural landscape. The light here is amongst the most unique in the world.

Namtso Lake (northern route) - Lhasa

On this day you trek to reach the peninsula at Namtso Lake where you will see the pristine and spectacular deep blue waters. Here the cliff at the end of the peninsula will also offer a unique perspective. You will then take the road to Lhasa, ascend a pass for a last view of the lake, and reach Lhasa in the evening.

Free Day

Free Day


Dark yarpa (picnic)


After breakfast we will take you to the airport.