31 May

Dairy of Mt. Muztagata summit 7546 : March 2, 2016

Mt. Muztagata summit
Muztagata summit 7546m | Kalsang Ngodup | LinkedIn This time The Urumqi Mountain association invited me to guide their customers to climb the Mt Muztagata. 22nd of June, I left Lhasa and headed to Xinjiang, half way we traveled by train and half way traveled by flight. We reached Urumqi at midnight and spent the night there, next early morning after breakfast we flew to Kashigar, the weather over there was really hot. We spent the night over there and left the next morning and headed to 204 where we hire camels and local vehicles to transport our equipments to Muztagata base.

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24 FEB

About Losar (Tibetan New Year) : February 24, 2016 Tibet Four Seaons

About Losar
Everyone on the 28th of 12th month of Tibetan calendar go to their parent’s home for New Year, some people go on the 29th but must go before Guthuk time.Guthuk(noodle) is only eaten on the 29th of 12th month of Tibetan calendar which is two days before the Tibetan New Year, on this day we eat Guthuk which is made of nine different ingredients ; dough, dried cheese, various grains, radish and meat. We also put some dough balls, inside of this dough ball there is;

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27 FEB

Tibet Mountra Outdoors preparing Khapsay for Losar : February 4, 2016

Losar (New Year) is the biggest Tibetan festival .2016 February 9th is Tibetan New Year but the preparations were started before a month, starting from drying meat, buying new clothes, cleaning the whole house on a special dates. Now a days the markets are so busy , villages has come to sell eatables and Losar decorations like dry cheese, herbs, butter, lots of organic food, and cheyma, fried barley and Kkapsays. Losar preparation: Start buying meat and drying them Cleaning the whole house Khapsay making Guthuk Losar Eve Losar -New Year

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