Chengdu—Dartsedo(Kangding) 355km, 6hours

We will begin your Himalayan journey, heading to Dartsedo, today commonly known as Kangding in Chinese; it is one of the main gates between Tibet and China, Dartsedo is also the centre for the tea trade between Tibet and China. Tibetan traders carry herbal medicines from the high Tibetan Plateau to sell in exchange for tea grown in China. We’ll spend the night in Dartsedo.

Dratsedo—Lhagang 135km, 2hours

Today we’ll drive to Lhagang, which is a very traditional Tibetan village surrounded by grassy hills. We will pass through those excellent short hillsides and valleys which are filled with romantic stories of legends and gods. By passing through and come closer to the Lhagang Monastery our eyes will catch a perimeter wall of prayer wheels with over 100 stupas of various sizes.This monastery is one of most important pilgrimage sites in Tibet every year there are thousands pilgrims come there to pay respact. we have the oppotunity to spend the night with a local Tibetan family.

Lhagang—Drango(luhuo)—Karze 285km 4—5hours

Drive through the rolling grassland to the nomad county of Drango, which is located at the riverside of Zhe-Chu and Nyi-chu. Afterward, we’ll continue to drive to the riverside town of Kardze, and visit the Kardze Monastery to explore it’s numerous temples. We will go inside and pay respact and get blessing. A stone drop away from here we will be going to see the oldest Tangkhas of Tibet in Tongku Monastery. Stay the night in Kardze.

Karze—Yachen Gar

Yachen Gar being one of the many Nyingma school Monastery in Tibet, today there are over 7.000 monks and one of the larger concentration of nuns and monks in the world. Stay overnight in Yachen Gar.

Yachen Gar—Pelyul Monastery

Now we’ll drive along the Yangtze river, the longest river in Asia.Driving along this colourful river we will be nurtured by the refreshing and calming river side and mountains around. On the way we will visit the Katok Dorjeden Monastery. This monastery is the oldest surviving one of the Nyingmapa order and from the 11th century until today, the monastery is well known or its philosophical studies and meditation practices in all parts of East Tibet. Then we continue our journey to Pelyul and along the way enjoy dramatic views of the awesome gorge so we must be ready with our cameras. Once there in Pelyul we pay a visit to Pelyul Monastery. We’ll overnight in Pelyul.

Pelyul Monastery—Derge Town 120km 2—3hours

Derge Town was one of the three ancient Centres of Tibetan culture, this kingdom was an important industrial, religious and political center in Eastern Tibet. Derge is famous for its Three-storey printing house, built in 1729, where Kangyar, a collection of Buddhist scriptures and Tengyur, which are still printed from wooden blocks. There are more than 320.000 printing plates. It has the most comprehensive collection of printed scriptures Tibetan Buddhism.

Derge— Manigango—Yilhun Lhatso—Karze

Today we’ll cross one of the highest passes along this route called Tro-La (4875m), we’ll pay a visit to the sacred glacial lake of Yilhun Lhatso (4110m) on the way to Karze, and this lake is one of the most beautiful in all of Tibet. Its shores are filled with carved Mani stones and green forest and Rocky Mountains surround the lake. Afterward, we will drive to Karze for the night.

Karze—Serta Larang Gar Monastery (3800m) 165km, 3hours

This Monastery is the largest monastic college in entire Tibet, it's home to more than 10000 monks and nuns. It’s the largest and most active Buddhist institutions on the Tibetan plateau, hermitages and dormitories that cover the slopes of a secluded side valley. This Nyingmapa hermitage was originally founded by Dudjom Lingpa in the late 19th century. Stay in the monastery.

Labrang Gar—Drakgo-Danba— 385km 6—7hours

We will drive to Danba via Drago, Danba is the home of Gyarong Tibetans, a Tibetan tribe slightly different from those of other Tibetan regions. Visit some of the rock-made houses scattered on the slopes of mountains. Gyarong Tibetans’ dress is unique, colorful embroidered headscarves. We will stay in Zhonglu Gyarong Tibetan village of Danba. It is very beautiful Tibetan village.


We will drive to Chengdu, once in Chengdu say a goodbye to our guide and driver, here ends your pleasant journey in Kham Tibet region.