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Tibet Mountra Outdoors is based in Tibet, started by Tibetans who are Mt. Everest's professional mountain guides, each of us has summit Everest minimum 4 times and climbed many other mountains in Tibet and China. We are well trained in First Aids and rescue. We are well experienced in tours and travels and have been in this market since 2004.We are also experts in Tibet's weather and travel road , the best places to visit and carry the best high altitude oxygen with us to each and every single tour that we organize.

We provide the most interesting tours with experience of life time - be it adventures, snow mountain climbing wedding, honeymoon in Tibet, cultural tour, historic tour, trekking and photography, camping, pilgrimage and many exciting adventures. We do arrange all your permits to enter Tibet. We organize each and every aspects of the tour to miner details to create most wonderful travel experiences for our customers.

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